• Lance Bauch
  • July 10, 2024 10:04am
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**Title**: Biden's Cognitive Decline: A Media Cover-Up Exposed

**Sapo**: The CNN Presidential Debate and subsequent ABC News interview have laid bare President Biden's cognitive impairments, prompting a reckoning within the media that once shielded him.




The media's complicity in concealing President Joe Biden's cognitive decline has been shattered, exposing a deep-rooted deception that has undermined public trust.



For three years, the legacy media has been peddling the narrative that Biden was capable and healthy, despite mounting evidence to the contrary. Now, with his decline undeniable, the media's charade has collapsed.

This deception began with the lie that Biden was mentally fit for office. The liberal media, driven by partisan biases, actively suppressed concerns about his cognitive abilities.



The televised expositions of Biden's incapacity have been a stark wake-up call for many Americans. The public has witnessed him being redirected by an Easter bunny, greeting a deceased Congress member, and confusing Egypt with Mexico. These are not minor gaffes but glaring signs of cognitive impairment.

The media's pass on such behavior would have been unthinkable for any other president. But for the left, the rules are different. Partisan bias has blinded them to the truth and eroded their credibility.

Now, in the wake of their exposure, the media is directing its anger towards the Biden team for misleading them. But this is merely a self-serving attempt to shift blame. The media knew about Biden's decline and chose to ignore it.

Their anger is rooted in their embarrassment and the realization that Americans have lost faith in both the president and the press. The media apparatus had expected to spend 2024 preventing Donald Trump's return, but his replacement with a cognitively impaired leader has significantly complicated their plans.

The media establishment has become accustomed to creating and breaking presidents. They have played a significant role in shaping the course of American politics since the Kennedy era.

They have made and elevated Barack Obama, denied George H.W. Bush a second term, and attempted to drive Ronald Reagan from office. The only president they could not control was Trump, who defied their power.

Now, the media is preparing to turn against Biden. He has become a liability, an obstacle to their goal of preventing Trump's return.

Biden's demise is poetic justice for his years of egotism and denial. But it also exposes the media's excessive power. The president should be accountable to the people, not to an ideological media.

The First Amendment protects freedom of speech and the press, but these freedoms must remain free from partisan biases and control. A press that governs us instead of informing us is not truly a press.

This latest chapter in the Biden saga highlights the need for a return to journalistic principles and the restoration of public trust. The American people must regain their right to accurate information and independent media that serves the public interest, not partisan agendas.

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